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Apostolic Mentorship Program

The Apostolic Mentorship Program (AMP) is focused training that increases your apostolic effectiveness.

If you’re ready for more significant results, more effective ministry, and a lasting effect on the church, sign up for AMP. We invite you into our inner circle to receive the best we offer. We target your natural skills and teach you to use them to increase your ministry reach. Our goal is to take what we’ve learned and create the most effective and easy-to-apply lessons for you.

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We promote study, training, collaboration, and community. But the true transformation happens in our highly-engaging weekly webinars. Your fellow scholars and campus pastors are productive and creative in helping you overcome your hurdles. We take on each other’s burdens here. No exceptions.

Inventive Training

You’ll gain access to the highest level of fivefold ministry training courses.

Ignite that knowledge with innovative projects in our ministry activation classes. This is an opportunity to pour out, receive ministry, and practice what you’ve learned. Our scholarship program offers ministry credentials and access to exclusive events with Apostles Craig and Colette Toach


We have designed our membership level to customize your training to the specific path God has you on, so you are always welcome to ask for a recommendation or speak with us for the membership level; that will complement your training.

Please Note: Payments are due upon being accepted as an applicant. All fees are in US Dollars and are non-refundable. 

*Costs include unlimited access to all video lessons and projects

Membership Levels:

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Price: FREE $50 $75 $125
Access to all FREE Courses

Weekly Encouragement Letter

Access to our Ministry Call Line
Access to all paid courses
Weekly Teaching Digest
Enrollment to exclusive fivefold ministry campus circle in our community
Access to our Prayer Line

Bi-weekly Ministry Activation Classes

Certificate of Completion

An introductory call with a minister to personalize your curriculum.

Three project markings per course by a fivefold minister

Bi-weekly Teaching Class Connect with Apostles Craig and Colette Toach


Allocation of Trainer from 2nd Module

Access to some digital textbooks and audio.

Graduation & Ordination

Exclusive access to our Technical phone line

Project submissions and marking for every lesson

Each Course Follows the Same Proven Format

  • Reading

    Our books lay out the purpose of the course and how you will grow. We offer physical and digital books. So, however you prefer to read, we got you covered. The teaching in our books is clear and life-changing. They combine well with the video and practical project.

  • Video

    Pretty straightforward here. After reading about the topic, you’ll watch a video from the author that goes deeper into the teaching. We make sure you have a total understanding before you move forward.

  • Practical Project

    It doesn’t stick until you practice it. Every lesson offers you a way to practice what you learned. You start with simple projects that give you confidence. Then, you make your way to projects that stretch your anointing and character. Bit by bit you grow.

  • Feedback

    You'll receive three (3) project submissions per course. Everyone wants to know if they’re doing well. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you in the dark. Sign up for the scholar-level program and you’ll receive a personal mentor.

  • Events

    We offer weekly live events hosted by Apostles Craig and Colette Toach and their highly trained team. These conference-style talks are interactive and engaging. Enjoy the teaching and stick around for personal ministry sessions.

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Top Courses We Offer

  • Counseling in the Trenches

    This course reshaped ministries. It offers practical solutions to real problems for ministers in the field: counsel deliverance, inner healing, and marriage conflicts. You’ll feel prepared to minister in every situation.

  • Spiritual Warfare for a New Generation

    The highest-rated spiritual warfare course by our ministers. Learn the easiest way to break curses, fight the enemy, and walk in blessing. Watch your world transform after this course.

  • The DNA of Man

    Keep your people skills sharp. Understand how temperaments affect ministry sessions and how to navigate different people. Minister to anyone effectively as you learn what makes them tick. Highly recommended for pastors and teachers!

  • Preaching and Teaching

    Learn to share the message that burns in you. Even an anointed person can put the room to sleep when they speak. Put your notes together and present yourself in a way that is received every time. Here’s what they don’t teach you at bible college.

  • Prophetic Anointing

    Where words fail, the anointing will not. Bring the presence of God with you to your next prayer meeting. Learn how to lead worship so that people encounter Jesus. This course is all about expressing the heart of Jesus.

  • Dreams and Visions

    You can interpret dreams. Discover the hidden messages in your dreams and visions in this practical course. Use this incredible ministry tool to lead people to Jesus. We offer free dream interpretations here.


Co Founder Instructor, Apostle & Spiritual Covering

Craig Toach

The pillar to Apostle Colette's fire, he stands as the spiritual covering to Apostolic Movement International, as well as to all those who come and rest under his wing. Unmoving and firm in his conviction, he will be the one to make you smile and to guide you through the straight and narrow path. Do not let his smile fool you, for he stands in the fullness of apostolic office and carries the power to bring heaven to earth, to bring change, and to raise up the fivefold ministry leaders the Lord brings to him. If you ever have the chance to speak with him his love and passion for the Lord will be contagious, and you will go away from that encounter with a new spring in your step.

Campus Principals & Resident Pastors

Jessica Toach

Dedicated to every associate, they will not only help to watch over your spiritual condition, but help to take care of you as a person. With the wisdom and knowledge of a teacher and the sharp revelation of a prophet, this powerhouse couple comes with the ability to encourage, equip, and help you rise up to become the mighty warrior God has called you to be. Be warned, this couple does not take your enrolment lightly. With your application, you can expect their full heart and commitment to you and your training. Whatever you are willing to invest in your calling they will meet you there and take you to where you need to be.

Apostle & AMI Trainer

Nathan Berry

Resident Apostle of the AMI Headquarters located in San Diego, California - Nathan is one of our top trainers who has raised up many leaders and Apostles in his time. He is a "no-nonsense" trainer with a burning passion to help you rise up into the leader God has called you to become.

Our Vision: To Support Yours

You just found a piece of home because we not only speak your language, but we have also walked in your shoes.
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How would you like to spend 60 minutes learning from Apostle Craig and Pastor Jessica

We offer weekly live events, hosted by Apostles Craig and Colette Toach and their highly trained team. These conference-style talks make way for interaction and engagement. Enjoy the teaching and stick around for personal ministry sessions. You’ll meet your peers and gain access to a private community with 24-hour assistance. Our events are held on Saturdays, so we won’t judge if you’re in your pajamas.
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  • 1. Comparing Fivefold Ministry Campus to Prophetic School

    Course costs are substantially lower No vetting or interview process is required to study Take as many or few courses as you like. The curriculum can be personalized

  • 2. Can I start in Fivefold Ministry Campus and then move to the Prophetic School?

    Short Answer: Absolutely!

  • 3. Will I get a trainer whilst studying the Campus courses?

    No, you will not. Personal trainers are only allocated to Prophetic School students.

Course Testimonials

Read some reviews, from our latests associates

Larry Walters

“For me the Fivefold Ministry Campus and Today’s Pastor course brought me a strong foundation for the function and anointing of a pastor. It chiseled away what needed to go and strengthened what remained for the sheep He has me to tend.

Obert A., Alumni

Grateful for the AMI Team! I’ve been there & clueless, but every missing part of the puzzle of my destiny call was figured out. Now, I’ve found my place in the Ekklesia! Not only will you find your place, but a family. I can assure that you will never regret it!

Kristen Gray

Wonderful teachings filled with the Love of God! I am So grateful to have you all in my life!! You guys have really been there through the ups and downs! I love mi familia❤️ Thank you for speaking life!

Schavass H., Alumni

Ministry is about changing lives, but true apostolic ministry is about yielding to the Holy Spirit to change your own. I had to lay down the life I had, to embrace the Godly life that I needed. This training helped me to walk this out.”

Kate Carhart

The knowing that we are not alone on our Journey. I've learnt so much. For me, I needed to hear other people talk about their experiences. It's helped me understand where I've been, where I am currently, and where I'm heading. The Campus is a safe place for me to be vulnerable without judgment and LOVED by people who know and understand who I am.

Sherri Barnes

The words from Apostles Craig and Colette are phenomenal. The prophetic ministry in the breakout session are so accurate, confirming and so encouraging!! Thank you !!!