Skip the Wilderness! Answer The Father and Become an Influencer of the Next Generation

Never walk the path of your fivefold ministry mandate alone again. We offer you online courses,  weekly class connects. With this online study, you will get the flexibility to invest into your call, and family, while getting the spiritual Impartation, mentorship and the equipping you need from our ordained trainers. All this in the comfort of your home! 

Rest under the mantle of the Father. Receive from your Apostolic covering, Apostle Craig Toach, as He brings the Father’s heart and perspective to your training. Every other week, you will have a chance to receive personal ministry within your fivefold ministry community and breakout room.

What This Program Will Do For You

  • Certification

    This program offers a Associates degree of Pastoral Training, and Bachelors in Pastoral Training. Upon completion of the certified courses, students will be eligible for graduation, with a associates or Bachelors Degree. This program is designed to impart you with the skills, experience, and knowledge that will make you a qualified minister and pastor in the Body of Christ.

  • Community

    Collaborate with international fivefold ministers, gain experience, and skill. Combine anointing, and graces as you learn with your fellow students. By the end of the training, you will be able to minister to anyone, anywhere from your wealth of experience.

  • Mentorship

    Our elite trainers stand ready to help you fulfill your call. Having been in your shoes, they have a unique insight that will help you progress, and accelerate through your training, to ensure you get the most out of it. Do not spend years in the wilderness. The Holy Spirit, and our trainers will help show you the way.

Study Online

Learn 100% Online

This training program was designed to fit your ministry lifestyle. With your busy schedule in mind, you don’t have to worry about deadline submissions and daily class attendance. Study at your own pace, according to your own schedule.
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Scholar Benefits:

  • Apostolic Covering from Apostles Craig and Colette Toach

  • Collaboration with international Fivefold Ministers

  • Attendance to Saturday Class Connects with Apostle Craig Toach and our NextGen trainers.

  • Ministry sessions with the Campus Pastors

  • Access to exclusive events hosted by the NextGen Prophets

  • Access to 20+ Courses

  • Diploma and Ministerial Credentials

  • Graduation Ceremony

  • Affordable Online Fivefold Ministry Certification


This program offers Associates and Bachelor degrees in Pastoral Training

  • Associates Degree

    With this degree, you will be well versed, and equipped, with the ability to preach with power, tear down mental strong holds, and effectively lead a church service. This degree will equip you with the vital tools you need to be a leader in the Body of Christ.

  • Bachelors Degree

    With this degree you will be equipped in the area of mentorship, counseling and inner-healing. Upon completion of this course you will be able to teach and counsel anyone the Lord brings to you. You will also be able to effectively impart the wisdom the Lord has given you to the next generation through mentorship.

Graduate Program

This is the curriculum to graduate with an associates or bachelors degree.

Pastoral Scholar Degree

Associates Degree

Pastoral Module:
- Today’s Pastor
- Hands-on-Ministry
- Pastoral Training

Teacher Module:
- Preaching and Teaching
- Today’s Teacher
- Spiritual Warfare for a New Generation

Bachelors  Degree 

This degree requires the completion of the Associate Degree courses in addition to the courses listed below.

Practical Ministry Module:
- Mentorship 101
- DNA of Man
- Work of the Ministry
- Counseling in the Trenches 

“Ministry credentials are available to those who qualify for the Bachelors Degree.”

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