1. Comparing Campus Benefits to Our Other Schools


  1. Course costs are substantially lower than curriculum based schools
  2. No vetting or interview process is required to study
  3. Take as many or few courses as you like
  4. Curriculum can be personalized
  5. Pastors Austin and Jessica Toach are your "go to" for any help you need with your studies. They will assist you in choosing the courses that are right for you and suit the needs of your congregation/organization

Prophetic School - www.prophetic-school.com

  1. Every student who is accepted is matched with a trainer that will take that student through one on one training
  2. Completing your studies qualifies you for graduation and ordination
  3. In addition to having a personal trainer, you also have principals and prophets Michael and Deborah-Anne Velthuysen overseeing your progress
  4. Because of the level of personal interaction every trainer has with their students, course fees are higher than the fees in campus

Pastor Teacher School - www.pastorteacherschool.com

  1. An interview process is required to determine your call and what is a good fit for you
  2. Every student who is accepted is matched with a trainer who will take that student through one on one training
  3. Your curriculum is set upon acceptance into the school
  4. A certain level of commitment and willingness to be trained is required
  5. Completing your studies qualifies you for graduation and ordination
  6. In addition to having a personal trainer, you also have principals and Apostles Nathan and Chaifa Berry overseeing your progress
  7. Because most students in this school are pastors and apostles, a monthly financial commitment is required

2. Can I start in Campus and then move to the Prophetic School or the Pastor Teacher School?

Many associates decide to move to a more structured training that qualifies them for graduation. So to answer your question: yes! 

If you begin with Campus, you are welcome to register in one of our other schools. Before doing so, however, please pay attention to the following requirements for moving over:

a. You will be required to go through an interview process to qualify for the new school of your choice.

b. Whoever is allocated as your trainer will go through the courses you have already completed on Campus to assess your progress. At this time, they might ask you to redo any projects that they feel are not up to standard.

c. You will be required to pay the difference of course costs between Campus and the Prophetic and/or the Pastor Teacher School. (Our curriculum based schools charge higher fees due to the time each lecturer spends with their students.)

d. You will be required to now follow the set curriculum of the new school you have been accepted in.

3. I am already a Prophetic School student and see that the courses here are cheaper...

Can't I just purchase the courses here and then submit them to my trainer in the prophetic school?

Because of the time invested into each student, this is not possible. All projects in Campus are allocated to a diversity of ministers, while in the Prophetic School you have a personal trainer.

This personal trainer is someone you can write to, talk on the phone with, and who invests a lot of heart and time into your training. It is this trainer who will be there as you walk the stage at your graduation. Their time, love and investment far outweighs the minimal increase in course fees required for the Prophetic School.

NOTE: The same applies to any student enrolled in the Pastor Teacher School

4. I am a student of the Pastor Teacher School and I would like to take some prophetic courses on Campus. Is this possible?

Absolutely! Any of our students are welcome to pick up additional courses in the Campus to complement their current curriculum. One thing to keep in mind though is that none of the courses you complete in Campus count towards your graduation and ordination.

5. Will I get a trainer whilst studying the Campus courses?

No, you will not. Personal trainers are allocated to curriculum-based students (Prophetic School and Pastor Teacher School).

All reports submitted by Campus associates are marked by fivefold ministers who are in full-time ministry themselves. This means you will receive input from a number of full-time ministers - not just one.

However, you are not alone. We have a feedback form on every webpage, where you can write in and have a fully qualified fivefold minister answer your questions. Pastors Austin and Jessica Toach are available to Campus associates for support.

6. Will I get a certificate for doing these courses in Campus?

There is no certification for any courses completed in AMI Campus. The emphasis for this form of study leans towards leaders who are likely already qualified and have a clear idea of where God is sending them.

Should you decide to change your mind, however, having done any one of our courses here in AMI Campus, your hard work will help you in the enrollment process should you want to become a tuition-based school student.

AMI Campus is a wonderful stepping stone to becoming a part of our tuition-based student body, where certification and one-on-one mentorship are a part of the benefits.

7. I am a student in a curriculum-based school, and my trainer asked me to do a course here in AMI Campus, as an extra study.

How do I submit my lessons for this Campus course?

This is a common direction. It sounds like you are in good hands! Your trainer saw potential that they wanted you to grow in. Well done for completing the task and coming to AMI Campus.

Submit your lessons in AMI Campus and your reports will be directed to your trainer! They will then mark your lessons and give you the necessary feedback.

Comparing Campus to Other Schools of Apostolic Movement International

Schools and benefits  Fivefold Ministry Campus Prophetic Training School Pastor Teacher school

Interview Process Required for Approval


Personal Trainer Allocation


Graduation and Ordination


Set Curriculum


Monthly Student Fees


Independent Study (Study only the courses you want)


Overseeing Pastor or Apostle


Project Marked by Personal Trainer/Mentor


Personalized Curriculum

Weekly Live Class YES YES YES
Discounted Courses  YES X X
Single Course Payments  YES X X
Specialized courses (School only available courses)  YES X X