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Spiritual Warfare Camp

(20 People registration limit) Enlisting Fee: $100

In the spirit, I see you strapping up your boots, making up your bed, and waking up before the first light of day. It’s another day of intense training in the boot camp that the Lord has set up for you. We know all too well just how challenging the obstacle and courses can be when the Lord wants you to succeed! 

Pastor and Teacher Jessica Toach from the Fivefold Ministry Campus division is here to get you trained up and prepared for the  plans God has for you.

You are being recruited to take part in this specialized training event where only the first 20 participants can attend.

Event Details:

  1. A specialized live interactive video meeting on January 29th 2021 10AM PST
  2. A word from the prophets of AMI to give you direction for the New Year
  3. Access to the entire Spiritual Warfare For a New Generation Course 
  4. The Strategies of War (E-Book) 

"Course and book valued at $175"

The point of this training camp is to help you identify the Lord’s discipline in your life and to teach you, how to use what you went through, as fuel to skyrocket you into the years to come. Not only that but we are bringing out our skilled prophets to help you identify the curses that the enemy has had in your life and to help you deal with them!

This training camp all takes place on (January 29th 2021 10AM pst) and it is not something you are going to want to miss! 

Course and Meeting Information

Here is your courses and all information you need for this event.