Monthly Affiliate Program Benefits

"Affiliate" is the name of any of our members on this monthly subscription.

This program includes the following benefits: - Access to all Prophetic, Pastor, Teacher, and foundational courses. - Ministry and Counseling from the Campus Pastors. - Weekly Teachings "Class connects" held through Zoom every Saturday - Access to a private international group of fivefold ministers in Campus.

Study Online

Learn 100% Online

Having trained Fivefold ministers since 1999, we have developed an online training system that works. You are still able to navigate the demands of life while studying in the comfort of your home. This subscription will help you identify, understand, and equip you to walk out the call God has placed on your life. We have Holy Ghost trained Campus Pastors ready to walk this journey with you. For more details on this program, give us a call at +1 (760) 690 - 3594 between 9am - 5pm PST, Tuesday - Saturday.

What This Program Will Do For You

  • community

    You have the opportunity to be part of an international group of ministers who loves the Lord. In this community you can glean from each persons perspective and journey in order to help you become a mature minister. This also help your networking with other ministers as the Lord leads.

  • Impartation

    Each anointed lessons will stir up the call on your life. You are able to meet every Saturday to receive an impartation from our Apostle Craig Toach, and anointed Campus Pastors. Come hungry and ready to receive from the Lord.

  • equipping

    You'll gain the practical experience of our well-seasoned ministers. As they take you under their wing and show you the tools of the trade.

Affiliate Benefits

  • Attendance to Saturday Class Connects with Apostle Craig Toach, The Campus Pastors and Ministers

  • Ministry sessions with Jessica Toach and the Campus Pastors

  • Fivefold Ministry courses By Apostle Colette Toach (over 23 courses)

  • Access to our private network

What you need to get Started

To start your Associate subscription you simply need to have a free fivefold ministry Campus account, your required study materials "Listed for you at the beginning of each course" and working PayPal or bank card to start your subscription. Once your first payment is received you will get access to all the benefits listed for this subscription. For more details on this program, give us a call at +1 (760) 690 - 3594 between 9am - 5pm PST, Tuesday - Saturday.

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In this program, you'll get to be part of an international team of Fivefold Ministers working together under the apostolic covering of Apostles Craig and Colette Toach.

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