Fivefold Ministry Campus Course Prices

Prophetic CoursesUSDZAR
Dreams and Visions$120.00R 1,600.00Show Course
Practical Prophetic Ministry$120.00R 1,600.00Show Course
Prophetic Foundation$120.00R 1,600.00Show Course
Prophetic Operations$140.00R 1,900.00Show Course
Prophetic Training$140.00R 1,900.00Show Course
Prophetic Warfare$140.00R 1,900.00Show Course
Prophetic Office$140.00R 1,900.00Show Course
Pastor-Teacher CoursesUSDZAR
01 Todays Pastor$60.00R 840.00Show Course
02 The Work of the Ministry$145.00R 1,950.00Show Course
03 How to Hear the Voice of God$100.00R 1,400.00Show Course
04 Mentorship 101$100.00R 1,400.00Show Course
05 Spiritual Warfare for New Generation$150.00R 2,100.00Show Course
06 Preaching and Teaching$120.00R 1,600.00Show Course
07 Todays Teacher$90.00R 1,200.00Show Course
08 Hands On Ministry Course$175.00R 2,400.00Show Course
09 Pastoral Training $175.00R 2,400.00Show Course
10 The DNA of Man$175.00R 2,400.00Show Course
Fivefold Ministry CoursesUSDZAR
Called to the Ministry$100.00R 1,400.00Show Course
Ministry of Intercession$100.00R 1,400.00Show Course
Essentials for the New Move$140.00R 1,900.00Show Course
Apostolic CoursesUSDZAR
Apostolic Mandate$120.00R 1,600.00Show Course
Todays Apostle$175.00R 2,400.00Show Course