How Our Courses Work

1. Navigate to Your Course from AMI Campus Homepage or the Courses Tab

2. Purchase Your Course

Unpurchased courses will show the lessons, but these lessons will not be accessible.

3. Navigate Your New Course!

Once you have paid for your course, navigate back to your course on AMI Campus and you will notice that all your lessons are now clickable.

You will also notice that all lessons for that course are now listed in the left sidebar.

Click on Lesson 1 and get going!

4. Watch Video Lesson

Simply "click play" to start watching your lesson. You will also notice:

Required Report Submission

Required Report Submission Multiple Choice Questions

These are the questions you are required to submit for marking.

5. Submit Your Report

We recommend that you save all your projects in a word document before pasting it for submission. This allows for any internet delays and possible wifi glitches (Trust us... you will be grateful that you saved all your lessons elsewhere before submitting them!)

5. Submit Your Report

You will receive a "Submission Success" notice upon submission. From here navigate to your next lesson and... repeat!

If after this little tutorual, you still feel lost, please feel free to send us a feedback, contact us on Facebook or call in at 760 466 7679 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. California time.